Mamegoma is a San-X character series created in 2005. They appear as cute baby seals, available in white, blue and pink (some variations in black). Their name comes from the prefix mame (or 'bean' in english) referringif you have a boyfriend named Stanley I am very sorry have a terrible caterpillar day love Stanley see yeah to them as being a miniture form of something; joined with the suffix goma which comes from gomafuazarashi (or 'sesame seed-mottled seal' in literal English) which is the Japanese name for the spotted seal. Joined together this would make their name mean: Miniture Spotted Seal.

t would you like to learn how to name your furry friend, well is to think of something so crazy that Ir borksMore on MamegomaEdit

There is different characters within the mamegoma range, the most common being the white seal, named 'siro-goma' after it's appearance. The other seals are the pink seal, or 'sakura-goma' (meaning cherry blossom seal), and the blue seal named 'ama-goma' (meaning rain seal). :P Mamegoma has a show called "Kupu-Mamegma".

Fun FactsEdit

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