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San-x characters

Welcome to the San-x WikiEdit

San X is a japanese company that specializes in cute 'kawaii' characters to place on merchandise. It has a large list of characters ranging from Teddy bears to cute box's of tissues and spirits.

The company was founded in April 1932 as a privately owned business under the name of Chida Handler, however in October 1942 it became a limited company. the name was them changed to San X in May 1973. The name of San-X came from a logo made earlier in history which was a line of three X characters, san coming from the japanese translation of 3.

They have created mostly soft animals, stationary and books, but also video games and Anime series.

Popular CharactersEdit


  • Berry Puppy - A cute white dog that really likes strawberries.
  • Kerori - A frog that changes color according to its mood.
  • Mamegoma - Miniture baby seals that enjoy eating soybeans.
  • Monokuro Boo - A black pig and a white pig. There is usually a bee buzzing around them, and the phrase "Simple is Best" or "Are you happy?".
  • Nyan Nyan Nyanko - Small, usually white kittens that imitate various items, most commonly food.
  • Rilakkuma - A brown bear who lives the house of an office lady (OL) named Kaoru.
  • Tarepanda (or Tare Panda) - A lazy panda.


  • Kogepan - a burnt red bean bread bun who lives in a bakery, trying to fit in and make friends with the other bread items. Happiness for him is always short-lived, so he has the tendency to get drunk on milk.
  • Mamepyon - a pea family.
  • Soreike Otamachan! - a onion character who is genuine but overly sentimental.


  • Tissue-san - A box of tissues. His friends include a roll of toilet paper, a pair of pocket tissues and a box of ecologically friendly tissues made of 50% recycled paper.


  • Beer-chan - a 20-year-old beer fairy who enjoys beer.
  • Sabokappa - a kappa combined with a cactus. The toys come with small scented packets so they can be used as air fresheners.

To see the complete character listings, go here: San-X Character Listings

Latest activityEdit

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